Giving to JFK


Giving to JFK

As a non-profit institution, the John F. Kennedy School has always depended on the commitment, generosity and teamwork of families, businesses and the community at large to move the school into the future. Now we invite you to support our efforts and, with your help, continue building our future together.

History of Giving

Our school’s history of giving started in 1964, when a group of businessmen, headed by the TREMEC Company, had the initiative and generosity to begin a great educational project: the John F. Kennedy School. They sought a bilingual and bicultural school, that would bring their company executives a high-level educational choice for their children, and that would be accepted in both Mexico and the United States. Mission accomplished!

These businessmen and parents, continued supporting the school as it evolved over the years. When materials, funds and equipment were needed, donations were received from the community. This is how in 1970, our school was relocated to its present site in the Jurica Campestre section, on a land comprising over 12 acres, donated by the Torres Landa family.

During the 70’s and 80’s, the school infrastructure covered Preschool, Elementary and Middle School necessities. However, the school population increased and in 1989 the High School Section began operations. Its construction received the sponsorship of several companies and 50 families from the JFK community.  Donations were also key in the building of our Auditorium and Library Media Center.

This brief summary reveals the permanent collaboration that parents and private companies have given to the school. We are very grateful for their ongoing contribution and partnership. The spirit of support has been maintained throughout the years and we want to continue this tradition. Together we can do it!