Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment

Monthly tuition payments are from August 2017 to May 2018. The maturity date is the last day of each month except for the month of December 2017 (check the date on the receipt).

The Insurance Policy that covers Accidents within the school is mandatory and must be covered in August 2017.
The Parent Association fee expires in September 2017.
Payments for other activities such as: SWAS, Sports, Extended Learning begin in September 2017 and the expiration date is the 7th of each month.

If you want to request an invoice for the tuition fees, you must fill out the form that appears on the website and send it to or bring it directly so that it reflects in your SESWEB balance each month. (It is suggested that payments to be invoiced are done with check or wire transfer to avoid deductibility problems).

Please remember our current payment options:


• You can make your payments directly in any of the mentioned banks.
• If you are not a BBVA-Bancomer accountholder and want to make your payment in this bank, you must do it before 11:00 a. m.; otherwise it will have an additional charge of $17.40 MXP* per receipt.
• BBVA Bancomer does not receive expired payments.

b) Annual or semester payment

• If you decide to make an annual tuition payment and you do it before August 31, 2017, you will have a 6% of discount.
• If you decide to make two semester payments and you do it before August 31, 2017, and before January 31, 2018 respectively, you will get a 3% of discount in each semester.
In both cases please notify the cashier before August 22, 2017, so that your payment receipt appears correctly on our school Web site.

c) Domiciliary Bank: Automatic charge to check account, debit or credit card

You must come to the school cashier before August 22, 2017 where you will be given an authorization format to charge the monthly tuition from your checking account, debit card or credit card from any bank (except American Express). It is important to mention that the charge will be applied 3 days before the expiration date indicated on the receipt of each month.

In case of using a credit card, you will be charged 2.15%* automatically. In case of using checking account you will be charged $1.16* for Bancomer Accounts and $4.64* for other bank accounts regardless of the amount. Domiciliary Bank only applies for tuition payment.

d) Online Payment on our School’s website

You can pay with checks account from any bank (CLABE), or with credit card (except American Express), by entering the school website parent login, user and password, adding 000 at the end of it you will enter the SESWEB and follow the instructions.
If you pay with a credit card, an additional charge of 1.74%* will be charged to you automatically. If it is through CLABE account it won’t reflect any charge.
It is important to mention that the receipt for this kind of procedure will have the IN PROCESS status. Please verify that the amount of your payment is discounted from your account; this is due to that sometimes the link between banks is broken.

e) Online Payment through the bank

If you are a account holder of any of the banks that appear on your receipts, you can pay online with the CIE agreement number indicated for each bank and the reference of the payment that appears on the receipt. It is important to mention that you will not be able to handle this number as a frequent payment; the reference is different for each month.

f) Payment with credit card in the School’s cashier

Concepts that are not generated in the SESWEB can be made in the School cashier covering the banking commission as follows:


1.74%* for credit cards.
1.39%* for debit cards.
2.29%* for American Express Card.


Interests: Please remember that the rate is 0.2% per day from the date following the expiration date established on the receipt.
Returned Checks: Cause a 20% commission over the value, and $174.00* for bank commission.


*All amounts include IVA.


Note: For your own security, at the school. we do not receive payments in cash.